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"Sometimes I like to work on something different"


Becky Murphy



Local artist Becky Murphy has been interested in figuring things out all of her life.  As a native Modestan, she has been involved in creating art pieces of enjoyment for her own home, her friends and her favorite projects.


Becky was trained in Architecture and received her degree from the University of Washington. She enjoyed the influence of the northwest design community, which included many national caliber glass artists.  Becky has traveled internationally and has enjoyed the experiences of many different cultures and their styles.  Her design skills have appeared as gifts, jewelry, furniture, and paintings and include her own home and landscape design. She loves Halloween as you can see by the many pieces displayed here.


Becky works in many styles.   She is formost a painter and has a wonderful way with using color.  She brings this to eveything she does.  She is very accopmlished about her handmade, glass “lampwork” style beads.  These are created exclusively from Italian glass and crafted under the intense 1400 degree oxygen and propane torch flame.  She only wishes there were more hours in the day to make all of her ideas.  She works in mosiac and is now going down a path of multi-media and three dimensional projects.   She has sold her hand-made beads, jewelry and art all over the United States and in Britain. 


Becky was an active Girl Scout troop leader and she loves to share her passion of art and loves to teach kids how to be crafty and creative.   Becky is excited about the way art enhances the education of a child and for the way it enriches our community.


Becky is self-taught and enjoys the process of learning new techniques and loves trying new ideas and concepts.  She loves doing custom work and lets her imagination wander when t comes to new things.


B. Studios

Becky Murphy


Send me a note or a request as I like to do custom projects. - Becky


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