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“I love the holidays and there are so many fun things I like to make. Halloween is far and away my most favorite holiday. Our whole house is Halloween. I love to make special items for the holidays. The Fourth of July is fun and the beads are so patriotic and spring is fun with so many of the pastels. Fall colors really end up beautiful and rich. Check some of these out. There are some really fun things that you can do for any of the holidays”. 

bead pics 009
becky redhat 32709
becky beads 040707 083
beckystudio fingerpuppets (2)
becky pendant 032706 001
becky patriotic 002
becky easter beads 019
becky easter beads 005
becky easter beads 002
becky b&w 032706 002
bead pics 009
bead pics 006
becky polymer 008
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